Focused on Creativity

M.Catherine Strongman

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Painting came to me at a time in my life when it was most needed. As a self-taught artist,
I have always relied on instinct and my innate ability to delve deep into my psyche to
find luxurious and emotive textures and colors.

After several years of successful interior decorating for a vast array of clients, I have
developed an understanding of the human emotion, where it pertains to art, and have
continuously challenged myself to approach this new adaption of my own creations
through requisite layers of the familial.

This journey began with acrylics, various brushes and knives and gently yet fervently
evolved to house paints, splattering and amusing combinations.

I am indebted to imagery, the ebb and flow of life and its incredible ability to shape our
visions. For this reason I am constantly sketching and capturing everything that takes
me out of the present and to share a state of euphoria that drives my desire to create, to
capture the metaphors and similes of the receding tide. In my art I am drawn particularly
to deep and abstract themes and combine these with rich and alluring colors.

As an artist, evolution of both mind and spirit are the ultimate goal. Every vision, desire
and finished piece represents an open door, another opportunity for further enlightenment
and the individual promise of personal growth through honest expression.

My past, present and continuing goal for the future is to create art wherever possible.
To allow myself to venture beyond the mundane and into a world filled with character,
clarity and a sense of purpose.

I strive daily to offer dignity to others through giving and will continue to be a better
person using painting as my medium to enhance not only my life but also others around

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward

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