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Keith Mendak

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At the core of my practice is a humanist’s concern for dissolving barriers and bringing people together. I continually ask, what does it take to see one’s self in another? My work is a means of investigating flexible and ever overlapping boundaries of self-identification and representation.

 I employ craft-based media and techniques as well as installation and performance to probe the constructs that define us as individuals. My interest lies in finding commonality among all people by examining systems of belief and representations of identity, like clothes, complexion and customs that either create or inhibit social cohesion. In an effort to reveal a shared identity, separated only by symbols and facades of our own sorting, I incorporate things like sound, found objects and motion sensors with glass, photography, paper, wood, and metal into my process.

The use of diverse materials and methods in my work allows me to examine the complexities of human relations and representations from a number of changing vantage points while offering the opportunity to step outside of one’s self for relief or reexamination.

Looking for evidence of things that simultaneously support and divide us, be it our individual bodies, musical preference, spiritual practices, or political affiliations I overlap and dissolve the things that define us.

Our individual selves are physical constructs of symbols, an edifice built to house beings of faith and belief. My work proposes that each of us take time to consider the things that define us as a malleable assemblage and that an underlying essence common in all people exists despite our apparent differences. Without the ability to see one’s self in another or maintain reverence for diversity in both people and places, individuals and societies, themselves, will stagnate and lack the resilience for the adaptation required in an ever-changing world.

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  1. Jerry Carter

    I find the mask to be a brilliant idea for a piece of work. The idea is perfect and it shows.

    August 11, 2011 at 7:15 pm

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