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Jim Pescott


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When Jim isn’t away painting somewhere he’s in his studio. Enter the room and everything you see echoes his creative focus: two studio easels, side-by-side with space between to allow for larger canvases, dominate the room. There’s a small table nearby where he mixes colours and keeps an assortment of brushes. And a larger table along a wall offers further creative opportunity. Much is revealed in this space about the energy and love Jim feels for his work. “The ultimate creative experience for me is in nature where endless experiences keep me “in the moment” creatively – I see images to paint virtually everywhere. My studio has evolved to foster this same open gate into creativity.”

Against the easels leans a collection of unvarnished paintings: a canvas in process rests on each easel. An upholstered easy chair occupies a corner behind all this amidst walls filled with paintings. Books cover the floor beside the chair: some open, some with bookmarks and some simply waiting. “I paint landscapes because this is what the earth seems to be about. I feel a deep connection with all of this: countryside or urban places all fit into what I paint because they are there and I have something to share about them.”

Jim paints from three sources: actual places “on site”, his photograph collection, and images in his thoughts. Because his paintings take from twenty to forty hours, when he paints “on location” it’s not possible to complete the work as light and other conditions change so Jim takes the canvas back to his studio to be finished. He’s never without a camera: Jim’s collection of concept material is vast and growing. “Sometimes I have an image in my head that simply must be expressed. Sometimes too, a canvas started “on location” is more adventurously explored back in my studio as the image and I talk. ” Fascinated with meditations on how colour communicates within the light and shadows of daily experiences, Jim endlessly explores the infinite journeys in rural and urban settings. His email studio newsletters share much about these experiences as he paints: words that share wonder and things that connect.

“I met a group of trees at the edge of a clearing and marveled at their patience as I decide how to paint them.”

As far back as when he was three years old Jim knew he wanted to be a visual artist. As life brings assorted experiences from many sources he didn’t re-connect with his passion to paint for many years. Being a visual artist now fulfills his dreams and lifts his spirit robustly. Jim finds endless joy and blessings in his work

Jim Pescott lives in Calgary, Alberta.

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