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Angela Schuler

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Angela Schuler is an American painter living on the pristine lakeshores of Lake Michigan.
The vastness of the lake and sky as well as the immense natural beauty that surrounds
her daily life is the inspiration for her work. Through years of experimentation Angela has
developed a rare ability to translate her feelings of wonderment, joy and sometimes frailty
into distinctly abstract-yet familiar landscapes. These are places that we know and the
places that we long to know. Open places, informed by her Northern Michigan home and
desolate places that hint at some long-hidden secret. Angela describes these places with
bold, rich colors and highly complex textures. Her desire to progress and evolve as an artist
is evidenced by work that is unencumbered by even her own stylistic conventions, buy always
recognizably her own. It is easy to see why her work is collected throughout the United
States and England. Her passion and excellence have lead to awards such as the Begonia
Charitable Foundation Grand, 4 commissions for a new hospital in Denver, several corporate
commissions, work with HGTV and numerous private commissions, one so private in fact that
she never met the buyer she worked with the buyers attorney.

Angela has a strong sense of community involvement and often applies her talents as an
artist to a segment that may need attention; Angela’s recent projects include a collection of
large butterfly paintings created to raise awareness of the world’s endangered butterflies
and a collection inspired by her work with autistic children. The latter collection is to be
auctioned with the proceeds donated to the Autism Resource Network. As a fundraiser she
recently painted cherubs on the ceiling of her local Opera House where she serves as Chair
of the Board Directors. Angela says, “ Each person has a skill or talent that could benefit our
community. The challenge is finding the courage to offer your time for the greater good.”

Seasoned collectors and first-time art buyers alike have recognized Angela’s easy manner
and her strong passion for painting. “I have such a strong need to paint every day that if life

gets in the way of painting I become quietly anxious. To me painting is like meditating – it
makes me feel centered and peaceful.” says Angela.

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