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Ken Macklin

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To me, making art is a form of narrative that is at once both personal and universal. While I draw much of my inspiration from my own lived experience and the zeitgeist of the modern day, so too do I aim to embody in my work emotions and perspectives that change little across time and space and are part of shared human experience. What was relevant to the old masters of the past, to Michelangelo, to Goya, and to Rothko, is still relevant, and the essential artistic vocabulary of line, volume, form, and colour is a universal and a constant to me. Nature is another constant and a touch-stone of my work. I am inspired by the dense forests and landscape surrounding my home and studio in northern Alberta near the Alaska highway. Living in a landscape covered by snow for as much as half the year, I look to the tangled clusters of branches, the incredible light that gives such clarity, and to the magnificent colors of the sky and the four seasons. I enjoy mixing materials to make colorful and whimsical pieces that provoke positive emotions in viewers. My work, then, is a study in emotional contrasts, extemporaneous one moment, deliberate the next. It is subtle commentary on personal experience and grounded in the history of art.

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