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Paul M Cote


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I am an artist living in very conflicting times. People of this world are conflicted politically, socially, and emotionally. You can sense the layers of doubt, as well as the weight of confusion .The loss of identity and the yearning for hope is also very apparent.

In my compositions, I take the viewer on a vision of hope .My paintings are the reflection of the hour at hand. They are heavy, sculptural entities. Organic and raw, as well as gentle, elegant and poignant .I truly believe that people, the universe and spirituality are intertwined. My paintings are doors to the past, present and future. There is a sense of humanity, passion, emotion and hope.

I have been very humbled by this “gift “ that has been bestowed upon me. The comparatives of myself, Jackson Pollock , Julian Schnabel, Damian Hirst, and Larry Poons is amazing to say the least.

We the people need to come forward and address the issues of the day. These are important times…They should be questioned and attacked. For not doing so could result in total assimulation. In my narrative, sculptural compositions my desire is that the viewer is taken to a place of comfort and hope, freedom and peace, and the earth and beyond.

Please visit to see a complete collection of the artists works.

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