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Wendy Waugh

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My purpose is to bring Beauty, Joy, Pleasure and maybe even some Peace into this world. I draw and paint what I see and what I think is the essence of my subjects. To me that essence is the Beauty within them. As Keats said “… Beauty is Truth, Truth is Beauty.”

What is my purpose in talking about Beauty? Why discuss it at all? We all know what Beauty is, so what is the point?

Well, do we really know what Beauty is? Is it only a sunset? Is it only a view of the Ocean? Is it only the smile on your child’s face? Is it only a Beautiful Woman? What do we call a Beautiful Woman?

Or is it something else? Or is it pointing to a greater truth? Or is Beauty also in things/ people that we would never call Beautiful?

Well, my purpose is to define that Absolute Beauty as I see it. To explore the depths of beauty and to find it in those things that we deem ugly; to find it in those things we deem nice; to find it in those things we deem extraordinary; to find it in those things we deem beautiful; to find it in everyday life.

As Plato said, “…beauty of soul more valuable than beauty of body.

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