Focused on Creativity

Kim Davison

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Figurative Art and the inner energy of life.

Capturing movement and energy – in a snapshot moment – in static form is a paradox. As a musical score contains musical notes in silent, latent form, so in my pieces are human energy and dynamics embodied, waiting to be achieved in the minds eye of the observer.
Movement encapsulates a primal element. The body is there, visible. The inner energy shines through. Movement is the expression while numerous unseen biochemical transformations enable drama to unfold. Perceiving, contacting and grounding that inner energetic dance, on my canvas, is a central dimension of my artistic endeavour. I paint for my own record, in this space I learn my own time. In my own choreography.

Available for commissions worldwide – exhibited London, New York and Europe. Private collections and Corporate spaces. Contact via website.

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