Focused on Creativity

Brian Cole

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To Brian Cole art is who he is. His paintings are an extension of him. “i get a great sense of pride from my paintings, and by simply looking at them i can get in a good mood.”

Brian uses bright bold colors and creates eclectic pieces. From abstract colors to landscapes of another world, his art runs the gamet of creativity. Brian’s art expresses his hopes, desires and fears. his paints the things that he loves, the things he thinks are beautiful, and the the things he hopes never happens.

Brian’s desire to succeed,drives him to  constantly create and revise his paintings. In this way his passion is digital art. “i can take a piece that i painted in the 90s and completly revise it and make it brand new; often i will like the digital version better than the original”.

Brian hopes that when someone looks at his art, they see his visual energy and the pieces beauty regardless of the subject matter. If someone can look at his art and somehow be happier, then Brian is content.

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