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Giovanni Greppi

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The history  of art basically is the quest towards reality and truth. With an obviously different perspective than that of phylosophy as its a quest not only theorised, but also applied. Of course art also playes apparently different roles especially in contemporary society, but they are minor ones: irony, absurdity, futility; even so, art can be reconducted to the quest for truth and what is really real. The outlook, the view-point towards what we see is what qualifies our reality, affecting our perceptions and what we believe to be true.

I’ve been painting nature as if water, air, leaves, human beings all mingle in a reality that is intertwined intimately were all things are the same, because the objects in front change, but not relevantly our emotional perceptiveness in a brief time lap. The artist placed in front of the empty canvas, working with stupor and allowing for faith in the novelty that might be found, really works with the collective visual inconscious finding that meeting point between subjectiveness and objective universality; a truth, reality that belongs to all.

The so called ‘edge cutting’ permanently new art, seeks and promotes ideas, somewhat antithetical to prolific talent. Ideas or a too conceptual art, is arid, reflecting our fundamentally unhappy society with artists that are more like managers or engineers and don’t leed the way critically, but rather adapting, and are not forwarding dreams of a better society.

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