Focused on Creativity

Mirsad Mehulic

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My landscape paintings reflect my passion for water, oceans, lakes and rivers. The things that motivate me are the everyday experiences we react to, like sea, sky and  its calm and peaceful moods. I look for a composition of strong blue and light patterns to create a dynamic tension in a painting. My work is drawn from realism of nature.

I hope my paintings help the viewer arrive at a different erspective of the world, specially Adriatic coast, nicest place on Mediteranian sea and  its beauty…. “After painting for more than thirty years, I still don’t like to classify where I’ve been or where I’m going. Right now, it looks like I’ll always be a realist. There seems to be no limit to the things I want to paint. Most of my work is based on real places or things, but it might be only a texture or a shadow that is the essence of it, something mysterious.

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