Focused on Creativity

Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado

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With the use of bright colors, geometrical shapes, dashes and dots I create fantastical abstract imagery. In most of my work I represent the human form and tell a story, some are tales I have heard, be it from my family or friends, others are from my own experiences and memories of my childhood. And some simply put, I have no idea where they come from, I just start putting colors and shapes on canvas and they start telling me what they want to be.

My only goal is that whoever sees my paintings takes something away from  them, even if it´s just the spark of a memory or a feeling. And that is what great art does, it speaks to you through your emotions and changes you and the way you think and feel. I have been a painter most of my life but it wasn´t until recently that I finally realized I had something to say through my work.  My only hope is that I will be doing this for the rest of my life because I just love to paint and the whole process of using my imagination to create fantastical paintings.


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