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Orlando Donadi

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Orlando Donadi was born in 1943 in Treviso, near Venice, in Italy. He still lives and works in that town, representing an important inspiration for him. Donadi has behind him a long and important career. Interested in the expressive possibilities of painting, graphics, sculptures, he presented his first one-man show in 1965. A continuous research granted him important technical skills: from the rich masterly tones of colours prepared by the painter himself, as in the best medieval tradition, it passed to almost urban collage technique. Faces from the works of Paolo Uccello and Andrea Mantegna peep out through broken up spaces with cubist hints.

Giotto’s frescoes, Raffaello’s drapery, the metaphysics of everyday life combine in his panels.
Nevertheless, what dominates is an impression of order and control, of a message wanted by the author, a product of his own work. Donadi thinks at the artist as an artifex, a man who made his own path through life and thoughts. In his pictorial reflection the author chooses to light moments of common experience, known faces and landscapes with vivid colours and precise details, that suggested his peculiar richness, the unrepeatable originality, the incalculable value of moments full of meaning.
In a word, through his technical wisdom, imagination, industry, Donadi is able to express his own original interpretation of the world.

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