Focused on Creativity

Jim Otis

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To experiment and explore..that is the true joy in the creative process. I don’t think a painting formula that works commercially again and again is true Art. I am not one to stand still on this journey to learn; I am a seeker. My style is personal, Places I have been…people I have known..experiences my eyes have seen..and how I translate it though Creativity. When I work, I use color to drawn the viewer into my world. Everyone perceives a painting differently,as their own eyes view it, and draw their own unique feelings and conclusions, just like every other person on the planet. My paintings entice the senses to explore beyond what their eyes tell them.” When people look at my paintings, I do not want to answer any questions…like a simple, pretty landscape. I want them to walk away with a feeling of unanswered questions. That is my goal …for the viewer to be stimulated…..other than visually

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