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Marie-F Turner

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I love to paint with the freedom to express my emotions and this comes through my personal response to color; this is my principal motivational impulse. When I set out to create a piece of work I consider colour first and then shapes. I allow the work to evolve in a spontaneous imaginative manner by playing with intense color and developing a relationship between these elements. I try to make unusual combinations which will create a fantasy world or fantasy figures. I do not paint reality. I want my finished work to be lively, vibrant and energetic, and to give the observer a feeling of positivity and optimism.

I enjoy painting on canvass and depending on my mood I will work very big or small. I enjoy mixed media and experimentation of all kinds. I have created prints on the computer using Photoshop. I also like the challenge of undertaking commissioned work as it requires some boundaries and limitations to be applied. My work has always been strongly influenced by Picasso and Cubism, and also Matisse for his very effective simplicity of shape and bold use of color. In addition  I am a great admirer of Jean- Michel Basquiat for his artistic freedom, and wild color.Whilst in New York I also discovered a love for street art and some of these themes can be found in my work. I have recently exhibited in London in a number of galleries and shows. I started my artistic journey as an illustrator, creating principally figurative work for greeting cards, and stationary.

I am French and although I have lived in London for the past fifteen years with my English husband and three children I remain a Parisian at heart and my work is inevitably influenced by this aspect of my background.

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