Focused on Creativity

Deepak Rajbhar

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Every painting is a whole new experience, a new finding. I work in two phases in my paintings: Initially I tried to put up the momentary   realizations and experiences of my subconscious self, Apart from the mediums I use, nothing is pre planned for me. Devoid of any kind of deliberate speculation. Here the canvas becomes a reflection of the moment and my state of mind at the tip of this moment, where I don’t know what the object would look like and form. Once the image becomes visible, I shift to the second phase of the process, which is more conscious. Here I struggle meticulously to reach the image towards a deliberate stability. Much like stabilizing a voracious mind. Like carving out a character, although , I believe the character is already defined in the initial phase. The second phase just makes it more apparent.

The two phases in my work process hits out for two opposite poles in character, but to me it is more of a natural combination. More obvious in relationship. Like Man and nature herself. Of man trying to be nature himself and not copying it.

Nature erects a phenomena and man materializes / dematerializes it, carving it down to suit his eyes and level. And this dialogue continues perpetually. Man most of the times spoils the whole thing, and same is the case with my paintings, but the struggle, of striking a harmony, goes on and keeps me alive.

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