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Avani Patel

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My most recent work draws inspiration from the visual patterns and rhythmic movements of East Indian performance, especially Bharat Natyam and Khatak traditions, as well as other forms of music and dance that we encounter in everyday Western life. All of these rhythms and movements narrate and reflect the overall patterns inherent in the universe as a whole.

With my paintings, I strive to distill the audio and visual forms of these live experiences, both organic and stylized, into a fresh visual language on canvas. Though painting as a medium is static, I want my work to vibrate with motion, color and sound, offering the illusion and pleasure of a three-dimensional experience to the viewer.

My current studio is set up in the living room of my apartment, which limits the scope of my work. Your program will give me the space and opportunity to further my goal as an artist by creating larger works and to experiment with installation format, which would overflow the boundaries of the canvas and offer the viewer even more of a three-dimensional sensory experience. As the pattern flows around them, the viewer will be surrounded by the abstract gestures of dance and rhythms that become its own imagined universe.

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