Focused on Creativity

Lorraine Beattie

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Lorraine is passionate about the creativity of    photographic art. She is a self taught Photographic Artist who has been working with photography for many years. She uses two cameras, a Minolta 35 mm SLR film and a Canon EOS 500 digital DSLR.

Lorraine specialises in capturing the moods of amazing landscapes, architecture and people when she travels and loves to share her experiences with the viewer.  She has journeyed to many parts of the world, including countries such as Burma, Libya, Afghanistan and Iran. She also gains inspiration from the light, colours & natural beauty of the foreshores and the sea. She specialises in nautical images & seascapes that reflect the maritime heritage of NZ in particular, along with unusual places and moments in time. Lorraine has exhibited both nationally around New Zealand as well as internationally and her images are untouched Limited Editions. She is available for commissioned or contract work.

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