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Lisbeth Petersen

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Lisbeth Petersen is a self taught artist, who has developed her art, and talent through personal experiments in painting, and studying the work of other artists, and classes in Fritz Flansmose, Croque Portraits; Ester Lervad, Raku burning and potting; Iron and stone .

“My art takes position in abstraction, and I create my paintins in a world of fragments. Professionally I am Educated in a college of education. Through many years I was teaching pedagogue, and worked as a social family consultant. I also tought several classes of developing art. Though the years I have exhibited in many Art Galleries, and participated in for examble: International Art Fair for Artists, Berlin 2008, Art Fair Copenhagen, 2008 and a various number of exhibitions in Denmark, Breda, Holland 2010, and Biennale Internazionale dell’ Arte, Firenze  Italy 2009, Berlin Bienale 2011 with Marzia Frozen, International art festival in  Kerteminde DK and different Galleries in Holland 12 month , 2011.

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