Focused on Creativity

Ulla Bolin

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I always wanted to be an artist but my mother told me “You cannot survive on art – take an ordinary exam first” and so I did. But nothing can provide a person if she really wants to do something. So the painting took more and more place in my life. 1996 I decided to go to South Africa for 3 month to think my life over. Back home it was now or never, so my career as an artist began.

I had painted for many years for artist Gunnar Okner .He inspired me but also quelled me. So after some years I decided to go my own way – I do not want to be a copy of anybody. Since then I have painted the way I am; happy, positive and generous.

I am painting my life and my surrounding. The woman is me – always young as the inside. But why she always is barefooted I do not know. The dogs are my safety, the cats my wish for nine lives and more “feline guts”, the bulls and the horses are the men in my life….

I speak in pictures and it is easy to see what I depicts.  I work thematically – determined by culturally phenomena – pictures and figures, action and surroundings are woven together to a significant totality. I work in several techniques such as oil, gouache, ink and embroidery and I have rugs made in South Africa after my pictures.

Do I depict reality? Yes, but I do eliminate irrelevant objects in my pictures, such as perspective and light and shades, just to make my message more obvious.

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