Focused on Creativity

Kim Davison

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I produce from my studio an ever-evolving genre wherein the figurative, the human form, is a central theme. Capturing a movement, a moment, in the endless flow of life is love, my love. That life has flowed from time immemorial, without repeat, each unique motion of each individual an act of love – conscious or sub-conscious, knowing or unknowing, intended or accidental. Who are we – except to move, and to be, and to love? Depicting life – and, so love in its endless magical mystical variety must continue to be one of the cornerstones of art. Life and love are inextricably intertwined, and arguably identical in the final analysis.

There is a primal element to movement, The body is there, visible. The inner energy shines through. Movement is the expression, while numerous unseen chemical and biochemical transformations enable drama to unfold. Contacting, perceiving and grounding that inner energetic dance in my work, on my canvas, is my passion. I hope a co-creation with nature, and certainly my lifelong endeavour.

The fascinating, endless diversity, sexual – is my spectrum. I am inspired by the moment, in the moment, by the subject, to understand the essence of a scene, and trap it, still moving, first in my mind and then through my hands, often coloured by my imagination, and share it with others. The true artist tells us what she knows, not only what she sees, thereby opening new dimensions of our (oftentimes) narrow awareness. Reality intersects paradox. Our worlds are partly perceived – and partly created.

Unlike modern western, Western civilization, the ancients of the Orient were well tuned to the fundamental importance of sexuality – as evidenced in the divine practices of Indian Tantra. On the highest echelon they led to enlightenment. Sexual energies are the most powerful of human, and ’spill’ into all activities. Much of my work attempts to locate, portray, and celebrate, these sacred inner love-inspired energies. Colour, movement, action, voice, emotion, pain, joy, pleasure are some of my tools of celebration.

Human form and movement are too rich and to diverse to ever be captured in their wholeness. My work is humbly, a step in that direction, an inevitable journey along my life’s path, a joyful celebration of the love that surrounds us – but only rarely perceive. A love inspiration.


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