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Anitra Berzina

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Anitra Berzina is a talented multifaceted artists working with textures, scratches, stains and glazes I recreate deep three-dimensional visual effects that define each element, plane and chroma that appear both figurative to abstract. Her work in everything from glass and paint to graphic arts and design. Inspired by nature and organic forms, her art pursues painting on canvas in addition to non-traditional surfaces such glass.  This allows her to exploit aspects of transparency, translucency and opacity of a given material, as well as the paint and its interplay between the layers. The cast shadows and diffused light between various layers then became an integral part of the paintings and give another dimension and depth to the works. She studied at the Art Academy of Latvia, and  “Berengo Fine Arts”, Murano, Italy and has exhibitied in Paris, Latvia, Belgium and the US among other places.

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