Focused on Creativity

Sanda Undzena

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My main interest is figural painting. However, not as a study of human anatomical features, but rather a way how a man’s external appearance reveals a person’s inner, the most intimate world. The deepest and probably the most indirect message of my paintings is a story of human being and an event which creates his inner world. The goal of my paintings is to study the question about deepest realities of life, which is hidden in a human being. Paintings are created as a conversation in silence about most significant events.

As Christian Bobin in his book “Le Trés-bas” about Francis of Assisi wrote: “Essential things always start in sleep. Essential things always arrive unnoticed. In life there are only few events. Wars, celebrations and everything that come with noise is not the event. The event is a life that suddenly comes into existence. It comes without notice, without noise (..) we will never see it coming. We can never be a witness of invisible. Only after a long time we realize that something had happened.”

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