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Anitra Berzina

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Anitra Berzina is a talented multifaceted artists working with textures, scratches, stains and glazes I recreate deep three-dimensional visual effects that define each element, plane and chroma that appear both figurative to abstract. Her work in everything from glass and paint to graphic arts and design. Inspired by nature and organic forms, her art pursues painting on canvas in addition to non-traditional surfaces such glass.  This allows her to exploit aspects of transparency, translucency and opacity of a given material, as well as the paint and its interplay between the layers. The cast shadows and diffused light between various layers then became an integral part of the paintings and give another dimension and depth to the works. She studied at the Art Academy of Latvia, and  “Berengo Fine Arts”, Murano, Italy and has exhibitied in Paris, Latvia, Belgium and the US among other places.

Igora Lucyna Opala

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‘The art of storytelling – a narrative in felt by Igora’.

The best stories are always grounded in the richness of the human soul; they echo the lands and traditions of their people and are told by narrators who transcend the precedents set by those before them. This is certainly true for Polish Australian wool author and textile designer Lucyna Opala and her label, Igora. Establishing herself rapidly and incomparably in both Australian and international arts circles, Lucyna has received much praise for her modern and inimitable revamping of felting. Much of the inspiration behind Igora is steeped in Lucyna’s own experiences, thoughts and relationship with nature. Using wool, silk and other natural fiber as a foundation for all her pieces, not only allows for the extraction of the material’s own story, embedded in its color, texture and form, but also for the interpretative qualities each has when transformed through the process of felting. The result is a perfect partnership of nature and artist, Lucyna’s design and craftsmanship manipulating organic materials into tangible expressions of art.

Whilst art is perpetually used to convey spirit and imagination, seldom has a textile artist managed to present such a diverse collection of narrative, anecdotes, memories and legends in their work. Lucyna’s work takes you on an unforgettable journey; from the rich life of submerged coral cities, to the multi faced Australian landscapes and to the very core of her work – a heart full of inexplicable love, music and expression. From folk to the ultra-contemporary and somewhere between unburdened simplicity and intricately planned chaos, the Igora label has created an impressive benchmark in textile design and will continue to challenge the boundaries of felting.

And yes, indeed a picture may say a 1000 words, but Igora’s work is told by millions of interwoven fibres, expressing not a picture but a whole story.

Ann Russell

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I work with odd spaces caught just outside ‘real’ existence, often glimpsed; intangible yet with significance, seen and simultaneously unseen. My works are depictions of these worlds, often based on Surreal narratives after those portrayed by Kahlo, Fini, Ernst and Tanning. I am using mixed media in a bricolage form – combining elements and symbols that retain some of their meaning from our world, juxtaposed with new meaning in the worlds I create. Consequently, issues of contemporary life are interwoven with historical codes and autobiography to create visceral works that defy abbreviation to a single idea. Within the possibilities of these other worlds we can investigate transcendence, sacredness, memory, time and space. The mini-worlds engage viewers by resonating with a childhood fascination with make-believe. The audience can imagine themselves as part of these worlds and explore them with Alice-
like wonder.

Wendy Waugh

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My purpose is to bring Beauty, Joy, Pleasure and maybe even some Peace into this world. I draw and paint what I see and what I think is the essence of my subjects. To me that essence is the Beauty within them. As Keats said “… Beauty is Truth, Truth is Beauty.”

What is my purpose in talking about Beauty? Why discuss it at all? We all know what Beauty is, so what is the point?

Well, do we really know what Beauty is? Is it only a sunset? Is it only a view of the Ocean? Is it only the smile on your child’s face? Is it only a Beautiful Woman? What do we call a Beautiful Woman?

Or is it something else? Or is it pointing to a greater truth? Or is Beauty also in things/ people that we would never call Beautiful?

Well, my purpose is to define that Absolute Beauty as I see it. To explore the depths of beauty and to find it in those things that we deem ugly; to find it in those things we deem nice; to find it in those things we deem extraordinary; to find it in those things we deem beautiful; to find it in everyday life.

As Plato said, “…beauty of soul more valuable than beauty of body.

Jim Pescott

Art in Focus: The Modern Masters Art Book

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Art In Focus: Modern Masters is a complete anthology of the best emerging and established artists creating today. This unique art book reflects on the aesthetic, cultural, and philosophical meaning of creativity through the work of each artist listed. Art In Focus is about the contemporary artist, a visionary who utilizes their own intuition to developed a new and unique contribution to the art and culture of their times. The publication seeks to create a visual encyclopedia of artists and their works; the result will be contemplative, meditative, and viscerally stunning.

The 250 page coffee-table style art book explores an entirely different perspective within the cultural sphere of the art world. Each of the artists listed in Art In Focus investigate and develop the concept of creativity through concept, material, narrative, color and form. Whether it appears as a wash across the canvas, is deployed as unique forms in a sculpture, or opens the doors of perception; the creative instinct is central to work of each artist, not only as an element but also as an idea.

Sisko Ruskokivi-Runeberg

B i o g r a p h y  2011

The first artistic debut 1986 in the Annual Exhibition of Visual Artists in Vantaa-City, Finland
Participation  s i n c e  1992 at International Art Exhibitions in Europe (France, Italy, Germany,
Spain), United States, Japan and China
Presented in several International Art Publications and Established Collections, many awards,
representations etc. (detailed information in CV)
1993 – 2004 in FRANCE – at the Art Exhibitions of Musee d’Art Moderne de la Commanderie
d’Unet/Musee des Beaux Arts d’Unet in Tonneins- and also in Paris (e.g. at Fondation Eugen
Napoleon, Chapelle de la Sorbonne, Salon Vieux Colombier etc.) and at Museum Exhibitions in
USA, Japan
1997 Awarded : Representative of Finland as an Artist of the Year to the museum exhibitions in
USA, Japan /Chooser being Musee des Beaux Arts d’Unet-jury, France)
1995 Long Island Art Fair, New York, USA-  1995 ARTS’95, New York International Art
Competition – Art’95 Gallery, New York – Winners’ Exhibition
1993- 1996 Art Exhibitions (small groups) at Agora-Gallery, Broadway 560, New York, USA
2008  Salon SNBA (La Society Nationale des Beaux Arts), Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France
2004  Frankfurter Buchmesse, Balkong of Paintings, Frankfurt, GERMANY
2009  From June 7 to November 22, Works on Paper, NY ARTS Pavilion in Venice, ITALY
2010 (January) Art Annual Preview Exhibition, Broadway Gallery, New York, USA
2010 (March)   The International Artists Works on Paper, Broadway Gallery, New York, USA
2011  The International Artists at Home and Abroad, Broadway Gallery, New York, USA
2011  ARTEXPO (CAN- Contemporary Art Network), New York, USA
2011  NY Arts Beijing Collection- Exhibition, Beijing Art Space, Beijing, CHINA
In FINLAND: Some solo-exhibitions e.g. 1992 and 2006 Galerie Oljemark, Helsinki-City,
many group exhibitions e.g. 1998 “Lentävä Eros”, Art Museum, Hyvinkää-City, 2003-2011
Annual Sales Shows of Finnish Painters’ Union, Kaapelitehds, Helsinki-City
1996 I begin EXPERIMENTAL Art Exhibitions in the places where the people visit very often
(Aalto Café, the Academic Bookstore, Helsinki-City,  Library spaces, Communal local Health
centres, a hospital) – 2001 published an Art book “Pro Homine”, the Art Collections of Jorvi
Hospital, Espoo-City


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